Durable. Dependable. Rugged.

The Trimble Yuma is our own solution for a tough computer for use in the field. Paired with IMS or Spatial Wave Software, this dependable combination will give you reliable performance for your valve and hydrant testing, even in the worst conditions.


Rugged Build

Built rugged from the inside out with protection from dust, water, temperature, altitude, humanity, vibration, and shock.

Windows 7
Use all of your documents and programs in the field as you do in the office.

Durable Sunlight Readable Display

Patent pending dual technology display with Gorilla Glass panel for ultimate protection.

Accurate GPS

GPS is accurate within 2 to 4 meters.

Built in Camera

5 MP camera allows you to easily capture photos to document your work while in the field.

Long Lasting Battery

The standard battery can last through a full 8 hour work day. An extended battery is available for up to a 16 hour charge.