Power. Reliability. Maneuverability.

Our vacuum system allows you to keep larger vacuum trucks on other jobs, but is powerful enough for your value box, potholing, and any number of miscellaneous jobs.

33 HP Diesel Engine

Caterpillar 33 HP industrial cooled diesel engine.

34 HP Gas Engine

Kohler 34 HP Command Pro gas engine. Allows our vac to achieve higher suction and water pressure.

450 CFM @ 14 HG Suction Power

Gardner Denver R Series blower allows for stronger suction. Allows out vac to achieve higher suction and water pressure.

4.8 GPM @ 3000 PSI Water Pressure

Effortlessly cuts through dirt. Cut a hole in half the time of other units.

Effortless Tilted Tank

A tilted tank eliminates numerous moving parts that could easily bend and break under the weight of a sliding and dumping tank.

Properly Balanced Trailer

Our vac can be disconnected from a vehicle while completely full with no concern of tipping over, eliminating possibility of trailer damage.

High Tank Door

Easily enter our tank to clean out debris without having to crawl into it.

Washable Filter

Our filter is rated for grain dust, and can be sprayed down to clean and reuse.