Steel Gauges

Laser Precision. Accurate Testing.

Our deflection gauges are available for virtually any size pipe for fast, quality testing of new underground pipeline installation. Rugged steel construction to stand up against being pulled through pipelines numerous times. Utilizes our patented TKO feature to insure you never have a stuck gauge.


Rugged Steel Construction

The durable steel will ensure the gauges hold up through multiple tests and being handled in the field.

Larger Precision Dimensions

Our gauges are accurate within +/- .030 of an inch.

Never Get Stuck With Our Patented TKO

If a gauge gets stuck in a deflection pipe, there's no need to dig it out. Our unique TKO feature removes the stuck gauge with a quick pull on the rope.

Quick Certification

Certify the gauges in the field with accuracy within .030 of an inch, or use our Proving Rings to quickly certify the gauges to required specs.

Standard Sizes in Stock

SDR35 or SDR26 in 5% or 7.5% for sizes 24″ and under are almost always stocked to ship out immediately, preventing any holdups with the project.

Custom Sizes Available

We make gauges according to any specification. For smaller size pipe testing we offer small bullet type gauges. For the larger size pipe, we offer a split type gauge that is easy to get in and out of a standard manhole.