Spatial Wave

Responsive. Detailed. Intuitive.

Spatial Wave is our Location Aware solution for integration with our valve exercisers and fire flow testing equipment for one-touch operation and data collection. It is an advanced and comprehensive software solution that perfectly complements out products.

Field Mapplet

Field Mapplet provides an advanced application for Location Aware, mobile computing that can be used for all types of field work. It is specifically designed to automate any workflow that spans both office and field. Such workflows include, but are not limited to: Underground Service Alerts (USA), customer service requests, periodic maintenance activities, inspections, and even any organization's tabular data, document data, and GIS database environments. It is a credible solution for all appurtenance and reactive maintenance.

Configure against all of your facility map data

Works in disconnected environment

Promoting EOC-readiness.

GPS enabled mobile client

GPS enabled mobile client allows you to track your location and collect GPS coordinates in customized forms.

Powerful console environment

Powerful console environment for superior management.

Field personnel can view peripheral crews' activities

No GIS training necessary

Get full benefit for field crews without GIS training.

One mobile computing platform

A single mobile computing platform for all of your filed workflows.

View drawings and documents linked to GIS features

View electronic drawings and documents linked to GIS features. Have you as-built drawings at your fingertips in the field.

Full redlining of GIS maps from in the field

Includes in-office data updates.

Roads maps and directions

Road maps and optimized turn-by-turn directions between assignment locations, arbitrary locations, or assets.

KPI Dashboard

Easy workflow and asset assignment.

Form designer tool

Creates easy extension building.


Mapplet allows your enterprise to leverage its investment in Geographical Information System (GIS) data. Mapplet allows users access to Location Aware maps, multi-form tabular data, and other drawings and documents. All departments including Customer Service, Field Operations, Engineering and Finance departments can use this highly innovative map-based viewer to fully utilize their GIS program.

Load Mapplet via the cloud or onsite

Custom map views

Build map views specifically to target the needs of different user groups.

Quickly build, customize and deploy Mapplet

Be up and running in no time.

Create analytic maps

Create analytic maps displaying workflows by other applications such as Field Mapplet.

Provide tracing capability for shutdown notifications

Search data with maps

Use maps to visually search your data with a map to ultimately run tabular reports.

Add business intelligence capabilities

Including feature based charts, data drilldowns and multimedia.

Connect external data using GIS data

Connect external data from your enterprise applications using your GIS data.

Map Library

Map Library is a web-based application for the distribution and sharing of thematic maps, as-built drawings, and other types of electronic documents. Map Library eliminates the effort in accessing important maps and documents that span multiple departments. Requiring little technical proficiency, Map Library makes data access easy and expands the audience within your organization who can benefit from their investment in GIS.

Easily link documents

Easily link documents from websites or other applications.

Web-based, searchable repository

Includes maps, drawings, and any other required electronic documents.

Attribute valve searches

Search using attribute values optionally combined with a spatial area measurement.

Export 'Mini-MapLibraries'

Export subsets of the repository as standalone mini-MapLibraries.

Spatial area selected using simple map view

Select spatial area is selected using a simple map view, or your own map choice.

Easily link documents to map features

Integration with Mapplet allows for easy linking of MapLibrary documents to related map features.

Control user access

Control accessibility based on a user's role, such as client or administrator.

Define custom attributes 

Easily define custom sets of attributes associated with each document.

Easy customization

Powerful administration interface makes customization easy.

Export packages for use in Field Mapplet

Export packages can be used by Field Mapplet as mobile document repositories.

Categorize for easy searching

Categorize your documents based on artifact type for easy searching.

Easily submit documents

Easily submit documents from anywhere within your intranet.