ShoreLock Pump

Time saving. Labor relieving.

Our ShoreLock Pump relieves the manpower required when using hydraulic trench shoring.

2000 PSI, 3 GPM Pump

Triplex plunger pump with adjustable unloader valve.

Stainless Steel Control Valve

Quick activating stainless steal dead man control valve to prevent corrosion and rusting to ensure it will perform when needed, every time.

Durable and Reliable Hose

3000 PSI high pressure hoses exceed the operating pressure to help reduce the risk of failure.

Dependable Engines

Available with 6.5 HP Briggs & Stratton or 5.5 HP Honda engines.

12 Gallon Tank

12 gallon polyethylene water tank with 6" fill and UV protection.

Solid Rubber Wheels

Prevents flats on the jobsite.

Long Lasting Plungers

Buna V-packings and ceramic plungers are durable and long lasting.

Optional Hose Reel

We offer the Cox 100 series hand crank reel for those who would like to add a hose reel to the pump.

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