Tough. Rugged. Dependable.

Our SD800 Valve Exerciser with vertical and horizontal articulation is the most versatile and powerful exerciser available. Maintain your valve and hydrant inventory with no operator fatigue or injury. Simply slip the SD800 into any standard 2″ receiver and you are off and working.


Powered for Tough Valves

Up to 800 ft lbs of torque for the toughest valves in your system. The Spin Doctor 800 Chrome Moly uses a direct drive, hydraulically powered motor that provides up to 800 ft lbs of torque. More power, higher speed, greater reliability.

Simple to Use

Insert the valve key. Move the head to connect. Pull a lever. With continuously variable locking shocks, the Chrome Moly 800 maintains the Spin Doctor’s reputation of lightweight finger-tip control. Trigger controlled locking positions will easily and precisely place the Spin Doctor 800 Chrome Moly just where you need it and it will stay there.

Versatile Mounting

Easily mounts to any standard hitch receiver – trucks, ATVs, trailers, vacuum units – locks into any standard receiver and is ready to go.

Substantial RPM for the Job

From 0-60 RPM

Easily Reach Valves

0′ to 13′ range with the Extended Reach, to 0′ to 9′ on its own. Access numerous valves in close range in one stop.

Unmatchable Vertical Range

4′ below the surface to 7′ above. Easily reach valves and hydrants on hills or in valleys or ditches.

Virtually Eliminates Worker Injury and Fatigue

The boom absorbs all of the torque, not the worker.

Avoid Valve Breakage

Feather Touch Torque Control protects valves from costly damage due to use of excessive force. Torque is applies in gentle increments eliminating slamming of the valve.

Time and Labor Efficient

A single operator can easily exercise more valves up to 60% more valves in a day with the Spin Doctor 800 Chrome Moly freeing other workers for additional jobs.

Hands on Operation

Allows for the worker to feel the valve. They can feel the condition of the valve and can make a logical decision on the correct move to prevent damage to the valve.

Hands Free Operation Available

Operators are able to conduct valve and hydrant exercising up to 100 feet from the machine. Simply connect to the valve, and let the machine handle the rest.

Comprehensive data collection

The Valve Star Option allows you to collect critical valve exercising information, and create detailed reports to assist in maintaining your water distribution system.

Multiple Mounting Configurations

The boom easily slides into a front or rear hitch receiver of any light duty vehicle. This includes small trucks, ATVs, utility trucks etc. We also offer a small trailer to contain all of your valve exercising necessities in one convenient location. For a complete system, we offer a vacuum so you can have easy access to everything you’ll need to maintain and test your valves and hydrants.

Lifetime Boom Warranty

Hurco Guarantees for life, damage to the Spin Doctor booms that are caused by torque while valve and hydrant exercising. In the unlikely event that this was to ever happen, Hurco will replace any boom, at no charge, (labor not included). This is the exclusive remedy and no other warranties are implied.

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Clay Rural Water System

We have been looking for a cost-effective, efficient way to exercise our pipeline valves. We have found that exercising larger valves is time consuming and a real chore for our operators. We demoed a hitch-mounted Spin Doctor and decided it was the right tool for us. As most of our valves are located in ditches and fields, we decided we needed something that would give us good off-road capabilities. HURCO had told us that it was a common practice to mount the Spin Doctor on an ATV, so we went ahead and took that approach. So far the combination has worked very well for us. Our valves are spread out over a large area and the ATV allows us to move between valves quickly. the flexibility of the Spin Doctor allows us to reach over fences and get into tight spots.