Ripcord Smoker 24

Cost Effective. Safe. Efficient.

Our Ripcord Power Smoker with laboratory tested safe LiquiSmoke is the fastest and most economical way of locating leaks in sewer systems. Smoke filled air is forced through the system, quickly revealing problem areas.


Precision Balanced Cast Aluminum Impeller

Plastic impellers flex and break easily when impacted by loose gravel and dirt found on the rim of the manhole.

Uses the Only Laboratory Tested Safe Smoke 

Our LiquiSmoke was put through a series of test performed by respected laboratories, which resulted in showing that not only is our LiquiSmoke safe, but it will not stain or leave a residue. This gives you peace of mind knowing you’re working with a non-toxic smoke, and your cusotmers don’t need to be concerned with it leaving a mess in their home. This data is available to anyone using Hurco LiquiSmoke. Please contact your salesman for digital copies of these.

Free PSA Templates

Notifying the public and authorities is vital before your tests. We’ve developed door hangers and flyers, along with television, radio and newspaper announcements, available at no charge to anyone using Hurco LiquiSmoke. Please contact your salesman if you need a copy of the data.

Maximum Air Movement and Pressure

Patented Superheating Muffler

Our SuperJet smoke generating muffler allows us to heat the LiquiSmoke to 950 degrees, well beyond its flash point. As the temperature rises, so does the pressure, and the combination results in nearly a 100% burn of the LiquiSmoke, resulting in dense smoke. The quantity and quality of the smoke makes it up to 3 times more effetive than othe rsmoke testing systems.

Virtually No Wasted LiquiSmoke

Our patented SuperJet system creates virtually a 100% burn, so you don’t have any wasted fluid dripping out of the system.

Durable and Dependable Engines

Available with Honda or Briggs & Stratton engines.

Rubber Seal Reduces Vibrations

The powerful engines cause vibrations in the machine, and the rubber seal helps reduce these. They help with extra wear the vibration causes, along with noise.

Two Person Testing Operation

Two people can easily complete testing a 3 manhole section in 15-20 minutes.

Fits Manholes 24″ to 30″

Designed for larger systems, the manhole opening this machine fits on is 24″. For smaller manholes, please see SMK18. An extension plate is available for manholes larger than 30″. Please call for information.

Ideal for Pipelines 36″ and Larger

The machine works perfectly for pipeline 36″ and up. It will handle smaller lines, but is typically not necessary. If the Majority of your lines are under 36″, please see SMK18.