2014-11-13-03-11-54-photo-4Monday, May 6, 2002
2:23:00 PM
Data Format: RAW (12-bit) 
Compression: Lossless
Image Size: 3008 X 1960
Lens: 20-35mm f/2.8-2.8
Focal Length:  20mm
Exposure Mode: Manual
Metering Mode: Multi-Pattern
1/90 sec-f/13
Exposure Comp: 0 EV
Exposure Difference: +5/12 EV
Hue Adjustment: 3
SpeedLight Mode: None
Sensitivity: ISO  125
Color Mode: Adobe RGB
White Balance: Direct sunlight
Tone Compensation: Normal
Sharpening: None
Model:Nikon D1X


Safer Manhole. Faster Stringing.

Our Ripcord Ventilator almost instantly removes dangerous manhole gasses. Cross ventilation creates an unobstructed and quiet work area. Use as a line puller to String manhole to manhole in under 20 seconds.


Available in a Variety of Sizes

Single sizes available form 4″ to 10″.

Available in Multi-size Options

Multi-size options available in 8″-12″, 15″-21″, 24″-30″, and 36″-48″.

Durable Construction