Multi Size Gauges

Laser Precision. Accurate Testing.

Our deflection gauges are available for virtually any size pipe for fast, quality testing of new underground pipeline installation. Cost effective multi size frame. One gauge, unlimited deflection size possibilities.


2 Frame Sizes

We offer 2 frames – the small frame covers a range of 8″ – 12″; the large frame covers a range of 15″- 27″.

Larger Precision Dimensions

Our gauges are accurate within +/- .030 of an inch.

One Frame for Multiple Jobs

Out frames can be adjusted quickly in the field; reducing the need for multiple gauges.

Quick Certification

Certify the gauges in the field with accuracy within .030 of an inch, or use our Proving Rings to quickly certify the gauges to required specs.

Virtually Any Custom Size Available

Our Multi-Size gauges can reach from 8″ to 27″. Smaller and Larger sizes can be attained with our bullet style gauges, or our split type gauges.