Cost effective. Safe. Efficient.

Our laboratory tested safe LiquiSmoke is the fastest and most economical way of locating leaks in sewer or plumbing systems. Smoke filled air is forced through the system, quickly revealing problem areas.

Laboratory Tested Safe

Have the peace of mind knowing you’re being exposed to a non-toxic smoke. Please contact your salesman for digital copies of these.

Will Not Stain or Leave Residue 

Your customers don’t have to worry about any trace of the smoke once the testing has been performed. It will not leave a residue like a smoke bomb.

Low Odor

The smoke has very little odor, and the smell disperses with the smoke. Your customer won’t have to deal with lingering smells.

Cost Effective – Cents Per Minute of Use

Our Ripcord Smoker and Power Smoker 2 both utilize our patened SuperJet muffler, resulting in virtually a 100% burn. Smoke bombs or candles cost around $1.50 a minute, with a 3 minute minimum. Cut off the smoke with a turn of the valve; you don’t have to worry about lighting and wasting a full smoke bomb or candle if you prematurely started a test. Cost effective. Per minute, our most expensive option will cost at most $.30/minute. The least expensive option with smoke bombs/candles cost a minimum of $1.50 a minute.

Indefinite Shelf Life

You can store LiquiSmoke in a cool dry place for years. Never worry about grabbing your LiquiSmoke for an urgent job, only to find it no longer works like smoke candles or bombs.

Free PSA Templates

Notifying the public and authorities is vital before your tests. We’ve developed door hangers and flyers, along with television, radio and newspaper announcements, available at no charge to anyone using Hurco LiquiSmoke. Please contact your salesman if you need a copy of the data.

Does Not Contain Zinc Chloride

Smoke bombs and candles contain zinc chloride, which is listed by OSHA as a toxic compound.

The Safe Alternative to Smoke Bombs

In addition to being safe, it’s also far more cost effective than smoke bombs or candles.