Accurate. Affordable. Simplified.

Our IMS Software allows any size town to easily keep track of their valve and hydrant inventory, along with assisting in streamlining testing activities. IMS comes standard with Google Maps Integration.


Designed Around AWWA and NFPA Recommendations

We designed the system to ensure you’re collecting data according to the recommendations put in place by the American Water Works Association and National Fire Protection Association.

Affordable for Any Size Community

You don’t need to hire engineer to go through extensive calculations – this program does it all for you. This allows you to easily keep your testing activities in house instead of having to pay an outside firm to do the work for you.

Manage Critical Data Regarding Valves and Hydrants

Know the exact condition and functionality of each valve and hydrant.

Certified Accuracy Providing Engineer Quality Results

Get engineer results without having to hire specialized help. Keep employment local by being able to utilize your current staff.

Detailed Reports

IMS offers several detailed reports to assist with managing your water system.

Includes IMS Mobile and IMS Office

IMS Office is the main, detailed program for data entry, exporting work orders, and creating reports. IMS Mobile is the simplified version that contains work orders sent over from IMS Office for the crew to complete.

Modules for Specific Testing Needs

IMS offers individual modules for different testing procedures, so you’re only paying for the testing capabilities you need. Module options listed below.

Valve and Hydrant Testing

Ensure the valves and hydrants are in good working order.

Fire Flow Testing

Ensure your hydrants will provide the water necessary to fight a fire.

C Factor Testing

Evaluate the true flow characteristics of your water distribution system.

Unidirectional Flushing

Properly scour and clean the water main.