2014-10-30-02-10-26-photo-3Monday, May 6, 2002
3:41:37 PM
Data Format: RAW (12-bit) 
Compression: Lossless
Image Size: 3008 X 1960
Lens: 35-70mm f/2.8-2.8
Focal Length:  70mm
Exposure Mode: Manual
Metering Mode: Multi-Pattern
1/1000 sec-f/5.6
Exposure Comp: 0 EV
Exposure Difference: -9 2/3 EV
Hue Adjustment: 3
SpeedLight Mode: None
Sensitivity: ISO  125
Color Mode: Adobe RGB
White Balance: Direct sunlight
Tone Compensation: Normal
Sharpening: None
Model:Nikon D1X

Hydrostatic Test Pump

Long lasting. Dependable.

Our Old Faithful Test Pumps provide reliable testing of new or repaired water mains and sewer force mains. Constructed for long-term performance.


Handles up to 10% chlorine Solution

Because hydrostatic test pumps are sometimes used to pump chlorinated water in a water main for purification purposes, Hurco only used diaphragms and seals that are rated to chlorine exposures of 10%.

Unique Manifold System

Hurco's engineered manifold system reduces the amount of fittings required in the plumbing of other hydrostatic test pumps. This means fewer leak points which mean fewer breakdowns. When repair or maintenance is required, this unique manifold system makes the job a snap!

Bypass Relief Valve

The valve takes pressure off of the pump during engine start-up and safeguards against the valve seat sticking, helping avoid damage to the pump.

Damper Diaphragm

The damper diaphragm eliminates "bursting" damage when pressure is introduced to the inlet side of the pump.

Able to Run Completely Dry

Unlike piston type pumps, diaphragm pumps can run dry without damage to the working components of the pump. Hurco only uses diaphragm pumps for all Old Faithful Hydrostatic Test Pumps to ensure reliability on the job site.

Available in Two Sizes

Twin Diaphragm pump delivers up to 580 PSI and up to 9.8 GPM, Four Diaphragm pump delivers up to 700 PSI and up to 27.6 GPM

Durable and Dependable Engines

Hurco offers two engine options for out Old Faithful Test Pumps, Honda (standard stock item), and Briggs & Stratton

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