Hydro Flow Products

No one meets the accuracy of Hydro Flow's Hose Monster. We chose this equipment for use with out Fire Flow pro because the patented pitotless nozzles result in no downtime from broken pitots, and UL and/or FM certification insure the best accuracy.


Minimizes Property Damage

Neutralizes high-flowing water safely, resulting in less damage to asphalt and landscape.

Pitotless Nozzle

Pitotless nozzle eliminates the possibility of debris damaging pilot tubes, so you never need to be concerned with replacement costs or having extras on hand.

UL and/or FM Certified

Certified accuracy.


Hose Monster Big Boy weighs 13lbs, Little Hose Monster weighs 6lbs (with the Pitotless Nozzle) and allows for easy travel.

High Flow Rates

Hose Monster Big Boy handles high flow hydrants up to 2,700 GPM.

Valley Fire Protection Systems, LLC

The Hose Monsters have improved the efficiency, accuracy, and safety of the fire pump performance tests we do. Since we test hundreds of fire pumps each year, we really appreciate the improved productivity the Hose Monsters afford us. We are especially pleased with the quality of this equipment. We Have used the Hose Monsters for over three years, and they have preformed extremely well with very little maintenance required. We at Valley appreciate the great relationship we have had with HydroFlow and will continue doing business with you for many years to come. – Thomas L. Hartel, President