Fire Flow Pro

Comprehensive Software. Streamlined Testing. Reliable Equipment.

Our Fire Flow Pro system showcases the dependability of hydrant and water system during their time of need. Insure a reliable water supply for your customers, lower your ISO Score, and insure that you have enough water to fight a fire. If you can turn on a fire hydrant, you already know how to use the Fire Flow Pro.


Rugged Transmitters

900 Mhz transmitters with meshing capabilities allows the transmitters to communicate with each other around corners and past obstructions.

Wika Transducers

State of the art electronic pressure transducers by one of the leaders in the industry.

Hose Monster Diffuser

Never replace a pitot nozzle again. Pitotless diffusers available in multiple sizes to help you achieve your desired drop in pressure.

IMS Software

All of your data is managed in one comprehensive piece of software designed specifically for this equipment.

C Factor Testing

For those needing to do C Factor testing, you simply add a C Factor Module and an additional transmitter to your Fire Flow Pro Kit, and you’re ready to go.

Unidirectional Flushing

Simply add Unidirectional Flushing Module to your Fire Flow Pro Kit and you’ll have all the capabilities you need to perform a unidirectional flushing program.